International Trade Practice

A great range of laws and regulations can affect and regulate transactions in the manufacture, distribution and sale of products in overseas markets. Service providers are also confronted by the need to comply with an ever-fluctuating spectrum of trade regulations.

We offer high quality advice and assistance to clients in a wide variety of industries and specializations, enabling them to tackle the challenges and demands of local trade laws, practices and customs in countries with which they may be unfamiliar. We assist where anti-trust and competition laws affect the appointment and termination of agencies and distributors in sales territories, and in the understanding of customs duties, import and export control regulations, local domestic warranty and limitation of liability provisions, and conformity with environmental and product safety regulations, and local labelling and certification requirements.

We monitor legislative proposals and advise clients on the effect of legislation under multilateral and bilateral agreements. We offer legal advice on those activities affected by trade embargoes, economic sanctions, and blocking regulations.