EU Law Practice

Businesses are becoming more aware of the opportunities and constraints of EU legislation. To ensure that their procedures, products and services are in compliance with the various directives that affect them, they must work with their legal advisers in planning any restructuring and developments. In such a situation, an understanding of the complex legal issues involved is not enough, but must be linked up with a wider appreciation of the socio-economic/political agenda. 

Muscat Azzopardi & Associates advise clients on a wide range of issues concerned with EU law, particularly in respect of conformity with standards and directives. Other EU practice areas include: the free movement of goods, services and capital, state aids, the application of EU trade rules, the regulation of public procurement, directives in the fields of banking, financial services, and company law, and the implications of the completion of the single market. 

EU applicant and candidate countries are changing their legislation in many areas, to bring it into line with that of the Union. Those who are neither member states nor applicant countries are feeling the effects of this growing bloc, and are also seeking to conform. The result is myriad rules and regulations with the institutions to enforce them, and this can present a minefield to the unaware. The impact is felt by corporation, businesses, trade and professional groups, and governments, not just in Europe but the world over. 

We assist our clients in monitoring the changes, and in complying with them where this is required. We help them stay abreast of developments that may affect their strategic planning and operations. 

There are extensive EU policies which are intended to promote competition and discourage monopolistic or cartel practices. We advise on these rules and assist where there are allegations of anti-competitive trade practices, unlawful distribution practices, and disputed state aids or procurement practices. 

Our firm advises clients on the legal aspects of the EU’s preferential relations with neighbouring non-member states, and on all aspects of EU customs law, including valuation, classification, and ‘country of origin’. 

EU information services: we provide general and specific information on EU legislation and that of individual member states, directives, standards, CE marking, research and development, health and safety at work, competition policy, company law and competition law. 

Environment: we assist clients in the integration of national regulations with EU regulatory standards, and advise on the strategic aspects of environmental compliance.