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Malta lawyers Muscat Azzopardi & Associates corporate law firm based in Malta
Muscat Azzopardi & Associates

Lawyers based in Malta, Muscat Azzopardi & Associates are advocates with an international outlook, advising private and corporate clients as well as Governments.

Our philosophy is based on a proactive attitude to clients' needs and on the awareness that a prompt response to such needs is of essence in today’s environment. We accordingly promote the qualities of commercial understanding and of a practical approach which are essential to the supply of effective legal advice to business.

Every lawyer in the firm is accordingly qualified and trained extensively. Furthermore, our professional association with various internationally renowned law firms and representatives of related disciplines in Europe, and around the world, enables us to provide cooperative support with an emphasis on a one-stop shop approach.

Visit our practice areas information page for details about the areas we specialize in.

17/3/2014 - Malta introduces a citizenship by investment program
       The Individual Investor Program was brought into force by Legal Notice 47 of 2014.

1/3/2013 - Dr James Muscat Azzopardi speaking at the Adam Smith conference on Wealth Management & Private Banking: Russia & CIS in Moscow, April 2013
       Dr James Muscat Azzopardi will be speaking about the use of investment funds in wealth management and the opportunities offered by Malta to the Russian fund industry.

1/1/2012 - Socially Owned Enterprises in Kosovo: post conflict considerations.
       Text of a lecture delivered to Kosovo Trust Agency lawyers and executives in Pristina while Judge Godwin Muscat Azzopardi was an International Judge with Eulex.

1/1/2012 - Collection of case law of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo
       Collection of case law after the first five years of operation of the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo.
Privatization issues and property decisions dealt with by this United Nations Court. Article by Judge Godwin Muscat Azzopardi

8/8/2011 - Malta introduces New Fiscal Incentives to “Highly Qualified Persons”
       A description of Malta's new tax advantages for highly qualified persons - article by Dr Clayton Fenech.

4/7/2011 - Creation of first Linkedin Group for the Maltese Funds Industry
       Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi has created the first Linkedin Group for the Maltese Funds Industry, Malta Funds and Asset Management.

24/6/2011 - Dr James Muscat Azzopardi attending Hedge Fund Re-domiciliation seminar in Geneva on the 28th of June, 2011
       Dr James Muscat Azzopardi is attending the conference in Geneva and will be available to discuss the advantages offered by Malta as a funds jurisdiction.

25/3/2011 - Muscat Azzopardi at the Private Equity Forum, London, 13th April 2011
       Muscat Azzopardi & Associates, Advocates, will be accompanying FinanceMalta at the Legal Week Private Equity Forum in London on the 13th of April, 2011.

17/2/2011 - Meetings about investment funds in New York
       Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi will be in New York next week, meeting existing and new fund managers interested in knowing more about the advantages offered by Malta as an EU fund jurisdiction. Meetings will cover both professional funds as well as UCITS schemes.

26/9/2010 - Register a company in Malta, Cyprus or the BVI
       A brief description of company registration and administration services offered by Credence Corporate and Advisory Services Ltd, our corporate services company. Credence Holdings is licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) to provide nominee and trustee services.

15/9/2010 - Muscat Azzopardi & Associates appointed to set up Financial Institution under Payment Services Directive
       Following upon their success in setting up and licensing the first Financial Institution in Malta since the integration of the PSD (Payment Service Directive, 2007/64/EC) into Maltese Law, Dr. Adrian Muscat Azzopardi and Dr. Lara Ferris have been engaged to set up and license the second Financial Institution in Malta.

24/8/2010 - Competition Law litigation in Malta - submission by Muscat Azzopardi & Associates
       This is the full text of an article submitted by Lynne Satariano and Clayton Fenech.

10/8/2010 - Italy removes Malta from taxation black list
       Italy has removed Malta from its list of tax haven jurisdictions following talks between the two countries going back two years - article from FinanceMalta

4/8/2010 - Muscat Azzopardi & Associates open new law office in Ta' Xbiex, Malta
       Muscat Azzopardi & Associates have opened a new law office in Ta' Xbiex, Malta, in addition to our offices in Valletta. Ta'Xbiex is opposite Valletta and hosts most of the Embassies in Malta.

7/7/2010 - Privatization and property relations in Kosovo
       Text of a lecture delivered by Judge Godwin Muscat Azzopardi at an OSCE/University of Essex seminar held on the 6th and 7th July 2010 at Pristina

30/6/2010 - Chambers praise Muscat Azzopardi & Associates as "A collection of lawyers with true business minds".
       Chambers and Partners also praise Muscat Azzopardi & Associates' "corporate prowess" and highlight the fact that Muscat Azzopardi & Associates is "a popular destination for referral work from major international law firms."

15/6/2010 - Commercialista a Malta
       ULa equivalente maltese del dottor commercialista italiano - una breve spiegazione sulla competenza dell'avvocato maltese, da Dr. Godwin Muscat Azzopardi.

5/6/2010 - Islamic Finance - Malta Financial Services Authority issues guidelines to the setting up of Shariah-compliant investment funds in Malta
       Malta has taken the first step towards becoming a centre for Islamic Finance - the MFSA has issued guidelines in regard to the setting up of shariah-compliant investment funds.

1/5/2010 - Muscat Azzopardi & Associates represent ALSA, National Express

7/2/2010 - MFSA issues guidelines to redomiciliation of investment funds to Malta
       The full text of the Guidelines is as follows;

1/2/2010 - Muscat Azzopardi & Associates licensing 1 billion euro Investment Fund in Malta

10/1/2010 - Judge Godwin Muscat Azzopardi rejoins MA&A after serving as a UN Judge in Kosovo.The firm benefits from his commercial law expertise and drafting of trusts and other legal instruments.
       Judge Dr. Godwin Muscat Azzopardi, the founding partner of Muscat Azzopardi and Associates, has rejoined the firm after a five year period as a United Nations judge serving in Pristina, Kosovo. The firm benefits from his commercial law expertise and drafting of trusts and other legal instruments.

5/1/2010 - Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi appoined as First Vice President of Maltese Spanish Chamber of Commerce

5/12/2009 - Malta ofrece créditos y ventajas fiscales a las empresas aragonesas para que inviertan en su país
       Articolo de

26/10/2009 - Muscat Azzopardi & Associates license 25 sub-fund UCITS investment fund in Malta
       Muscat Azzopardi & Associates have licensed a UCITS scheme with 25 sub-funds in Malta - the investment fund is self-managed and is based on currency trading.

30/8/2009 - MA&A advising on Payment Services Directive in Malta
       Dr. Adrian Muscat Azzopardi, together with Dr. Lara Ferris have been appointed by a leading international Payment Gateway to advise on the application for the first Payment Institution in Malta under the upcoming Payment Services Directive. Dr. Muscat Azzopardi specialises in electronic money, and has advised banks, e-money institutions and companies specialising in the pre-paid sector in Malta, London, Slovenia, Canada, Romania and the U.S. on various matters relating to licensing, passporting, set-up, finance and tax-structures.

23/6/2009 - Dr. Adrian Muscat Azzopardi gives speech on VAT and tax on Yachts in Malta
       Dr. Adrian Muscat Azzopardi was invited to deliver a speech on ‘The Implications of New developments in Malta - Legal Vat and Tax issues relating to Yachts’. The conference, which was held in Palma de Mallorca, was organised by Quaynote and was entitled ‘The Future of Super-yachts’.

17/6/2009 - Setting up a Financial Institution in Malta
       A brief explanation by Dr. Lara Ferris, Muscat Azzopardi & Associates

10/5/2009 - Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi appointed on MFSA expert Group on Islamic Finance in Malta
       The MFSA has established an Expert Group to look at changes necessary to legislation and existing regulations, as well as any new regulation related specifically to Islamic financial institutions. Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi has been appointed as a Member of this Expert Group on Islamic finance in Malta.

20/3/2009 - Hedge Funds World Espana 2009
       Muscat Azzopardi and Associates at the Hedge Fund World Espana event in Madrid, 24th to 26th March 2009

19/3/2009 - Collective Investment Schemes in Malta
       Malta as a domicile of choice - Article by Dr. Lara Ferris, Muscat Azzopardi & Associates

13/3/2009 - European Parliament adopts tougher maritime safety rules

19/1/2009 - US President George Bush signs off US/Malta double taxation agreement
       US President Bush has now signed off the Malta / US Double Taxation Treaty for ratification by the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations and has recommended its speedy ratification. Text of Message to the Senate of the United States

11/12/2008 - Camper and Nicholsons Marinas relocate International Headquarters to Malta
       Camper and Nicholsons Marinas, a global leader in luxury yachting services, have relocated their international offices to the Vittoriosa yacht marina in Malta.

14/10/2008 - Reuters announce the Third Edition of The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Real Estate 2008...
       Link to full article...

22/8/2008 - Government announces Privatisation of Malta Shipyards
       The Government of Malta has issued an international call for
Expressions of Interest for the Privatisation of the Malta Shipyard facilities.

15/8/2008 - Islamic Finance in Malta - Application to Banking and Securities
       As legal adviser to the Islamic Finance Focus Group, Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi was asked for his reactons to the Malta Financial Services Authority's Consultation Document on Islamic Finance in Malta. This is the full text of Dr. Muscat Azzopardi's comments.

23/7/2008 - Ask for our Guide to Investment Funds in Malta
       Contact us today to ask for a copy of our presentation about setting up UCITS compliant retail funds or Professional Investor Funds in Malta.

21/7/2008 - Developments in our Maritime Law Practice
       A brief article about our services to the yachting industry.

15/7/2008 - SmartCity Malta
       A brief description of the SmartCity Malta project

16/6/2008 - Proposed amendments to the Companies Act (Investment Companies with
       Issue of shares at a discount by a SICAV licensed as a professional investor fund

5/6/2008 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates opening new office in the centre of Valletta, the capital city of Malta.
       Due to our continous expansion, Muscat Azzopardi and Associates are opening new offices exactly opposite St. John's Cathedral in Valletta.

4/6/2008 - Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi appointed as legal expert on focus group related to Islamic Finance in Malta
       More details to follow...

20/5/2008 - Malta ya no figura en la lista Española de Paraisos Fiscales
       El Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de España ha informado oficialmente al Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores de Malta, que desde el 12 de Septiembre de 2006 Malta ya no figura en la lista de Paraisos fiscales.

6/5/2008 - Malta's advantages for pharmaceutical companies
       A brief explanation of the Bolar exemption

5/5/2008 - Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi speaks at European Gambling Briefing 2008 in Amsterdam
       Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi was a Speaker and hosted the Round Table discussion about Malta at the 2008 EGB in Amsterdam, organised by Clarion Gaming.

3/5/2008 - Spanish Director Alejandro Amenabar starts shooting "Agora" in Malta
       Agora is an ancient Egyptian set film written and directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Alejandro Amenábar of The Others and The Sea Inside., and is the largest film ever to be shot in Malta, with a budget amounting to 50 million Euros.

15/1/2008 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates at ICE Casino Exhibition 2008, Earls Court, London
       Muscat Azzopardi and Associates will be attending ICE - the International Casino Exhibition in Earls Court, London, between the 22nd and the 24th of January, 2008.

10/1/2008 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates appointed as legal advisers of (BSI) Trust Corporation (Malta)
       Muscat Azzopardi are pleased to announce that we have been appointed as legal advisers to the trust company set up by BSI SA, originally Banca della Svizzera Italiana, in Malta. This is the text of an article published in the MFSA Newsletter and in the Times of Malta.

22/11/2007 - Advantages of Malta as a fund domicile/fund jurisdiction
       A brief list of advantages, compiled by Muscat Azzopardi and Associates

22/11/2007 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates partecipating in Finance Malta events in Madrid and Barcelona, 4th and 5th of December 2007
       Contact us today for an appointment in Madrid or Barcelona.

8/10/2007 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates advise on Euro 12 million bond issue by PAVI Shopping Complex plc.
       Muscat Azzopardi and Associates have advised on the 12 million Euro bond issue by PAVI Shopping Complex plc, the largest supermarket in Malta.

6/10/2007 - Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi to speak at Malta's first conference on Islamic Finance
       Malta's first conference on Islamic Finance is being organised by the Malta Institute of Management and the Malta Union of Bank Employees on the 16th of October, and Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi has been invited to speak about Islamic Finance as an opportunity for Malta.

25/9/2007 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates setting up partnership with leading financial institution in order to offer a total package of fund services.
       Apart from legal advice and fund registration in Malta, Muscat Azzopardi and Associates will shortly be in a position to offer a turnkey package including fund administration, shareholder registry services, accounting and calculation of NAV, etc.

19/7/2007 - Setting up a fund in Malta - taking advantage of Malta as a jurisdiction for fund management and administration
       Malta has become a highly attractive jurisdiction for funds, with hedge funds in particular flocking to Malta in order to take advantage of an onshore EU jurisdiction with low costs, a serious and responsive regulator and the minimum bureaucracy possible. UCITS may also be licenced in Malta and promoted to all Member States without the need for licencing in any other state.

5/6/2007 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates advise Goldman Sachs, CanWest and Alliance Atlantis
       Muscat Azzopardi and Associates advise upon the acquisition by Goldman Sachs and CanWest of Alliance Atlantis for an aggregate price of approximately CDn$2.3 billion. The acquisition includes the highly successful CSI brand - CSI, CSI Miami and CSI Vegas.

17/5/2007 - MAlta taken off Spanish list of tax havens
       Malta has finally been taken off Spain's list of tax havens, with effect from September the 16th, 2006.

26/4/2007 - Islamic finance - An opportunity for Malta?
       This article, written by Dr. James Muscat Azzopardi, was published in the Times of Malta on the 26/04/2007, and can be accessed at the following link

25/4/2007 - TECOM and Sama Dubai to jointly create 'SmartCity' clusters worldwide
       TECOM Investments and Sama Dubai, both members of Dubai Holding, today announced the formation of 'SmartCity' a joint venture company which will develop and manage knowledge industry townships worldwide, including Smartcity in Malta.

22/3/2007 - Smart City Malta - First Smartcity outside Dubai (Tecom Inv) to be based in Malta
       Brief release regarding Smart City in Malta.

1/1/2007 - EC Proposal for a Directive on coordination of laws, regulations and provisions for UCITS funds
       The European Commission yesterday presented a proposal for a Directive on the coordination of laws, regulations and administrative provisions relating to undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS).

12/12/2006 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates advise Clifford Chance, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, AWAS Aviation Acquisitions Limited
       Muscat Azzopardi advises on US$ 2 billion acquisition

2/12/2006 - Compañías de apuestas por internet en Malta
       Una Guía para su solicitud, por Muscat Azzopardi and Associates, Abogados en Malta

30/11/2006 - Malta as a jurisdiction for Socially Responsible Investments and Islamic Finance, or Sharia-Compliant Investment.
       Two Opportunities for Malta – Socially Responsible Investments and Islamic Finance, or Sharia-Compliant Investment.

31/10/2006 - FAQ regarding online gaming in Malta
       A brief answer to frequently asked questions regarding the application for an online gaming licence in Malta, by Muscat Azzopardi and Associates

31/8/2006 - Muscat Azzopardi and Associates acquire prestigious Grand Master De Vilhena Palazzo in Valletta
       Muscat Azzopardi and Associates have recently purchased the Palazzo built in the early eighteenth century (circa 1725) by António Manoel de Vilhena as his Grand Master's residence in Valletta. This beautiful building is being restored and converted into offices. More details to follow...

25/8/2006 - Online Gaming - Why Malta?
       Inspite of size limitations, the Maltese islands boast a healthy and effective economy with potential for future growth. Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta was declared as a good performer by the EU and has respected the Maastricht criteria prior to adopting the Euro.

A list of advantages compiled by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority

19/7/2006 - Ship registration in Malta
       By Dr. Adrian Muscat Azzopardi B.A., LL.D.

5/6/2006 - Compra de Propiedad/Bienes Immuebles en Malta
       Una breve guia sobre la compra de Propiedad/Bienes Immuebles en Malta, por Muscat Azzopardi and Associates, Abogados en Malta

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